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Anton Maskeliade (Russia)

Subtract the Silence of Myself

Жанр: Electro, breaks, indie

Релиз: 2014

1. Crown
2. Chabrec (ft. Парнии)
3. Rozhdenia
4. Doors
5. Councils
6. Rf
7. Circus (ft. U.Riaz, C.McCoy, S.H.Kwon)
8. Zhini
9. Same (ft. Usman Riaz)

 Anton Maskeliade is one of the first musicians in the world who plays music and visuals with gesture control technology leap motion. He performed in New York, Washington, Luzern, Stockholm, Moscow. Anton was noticed by The Guardian, Ableton, Leap Motion and Mira Calix - the WARP artist and he played at one stage with MODERAT, EMIKA, Sun Glitters, The Glitch Mob, Dub FX. Participant of international music festival and conference Waves 2014.

Maskeliade`s live performance in the Elektrichka train took just few days to get viral on Internet, including Leap Motion Blog and GECO showcase. According to The Guardian, it may be considered as the best new music around the world.

He is developing gesture control technique to adjust not only music but also the projection making gigs more spectacular. Ableton wrote an article about it.

His first album has been self-released this year and it got very positive local reviews. It was called one of the best albums of the month. Also there are good reviews in foreign blogs, including indiehoy, ripitup, indierockmag and others.

Anton operates according to the principle of 'first takes.' In other words, he always leaves the initial, roughest pieces of a composition in the final edit. They embody a beautiful, honest carelessness. With his completely improvised performances from New York to Moscow, Maskeliade brings the elusive principle into the genres of electronica and contemporary pop. Using his whole body, Anton creates new soundscapes on the spot with 3D MIDI controllers and glitchy samplers. Never the same song twice. A strong proponent of new technology, he regularly looks for the new devices to diversify live performances. As a result, Anton is developing gesture control technique to adjust not only audio effects but also the projection making whole set more interactive.

His live video where Anton was controlling music and projection by gestures, making glitchy and groovy stuff sitting in a very old Soviet`s car Zaporozhets with fencing fight, was mentioned by WARP artist - Mira Calix.

The start of Maskeliade`s music career happened in the U.S. - in 2012 he was selected to the American cultural exchange program OneBeat, becoming the first representative of Russia. OneBeat gathers the most talented artists from around the world and arranges them on tour in the best venues of North America. He was collaborating for 1 month and made few ensembles in different music genres with great artists including Pakistani Usman Riaz (TED fellow) and Grammy-award Edward Ramirez from Venezuela.

Anton regularly appears on national TV channels and different Europe (National Swiss Radio) and Australian radio stations.