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3plet VA

Colisium 2014

Жанр: рок, поп

Релиз: 2014

1 Dubsinthe - Catharsis
2 Yellow Brick Road - Your Spite
3 Aldaspan - The legend of Aqsaq qulan (lame onager)
4 Jacuzzi Project - My Lovely Enemy
5 Rocco - Take It All
6 Four Phonica - Sabotage
7 Anissa - Liniyami
8 Vox Mira - Don't Be Afraid To Lose
9 Jenia Lubich - Futbolka
10 Stoned Jesus - Here Come The Robots
11 Avias - Mezhi
12 Digital Digital - Somebitch
13 OdnoNo - Preobrazitsya
14 Vivienne Mort - Hto Ce Tut
15 Dominia - Mountains Of God's Depression


International music conference Colisium together with 3Plet digital publishing presents series of music compilations! 3Plet is a new standard of the musical albums publishing, which unites music, lyrics and illustrations in one digital container. Music visualization by author's selected images expands musical space, takes out more than just simple sound in your ears. The first volume of compilation includes 15 songs of young and truely talented artists from 5 countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia) selected by organizers of Colisium following the results of showcases in 2014. Meet new names! This songs are definitely deserve your attention! The album is available for free downloading worldwide.