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Other Worlds Vol.3 No Beat

Жанр: Psybient | Ambient

Релиз: 2014

01 In'R'Voice - Deep Reach
02. CJ Catalizer - Reminiscense Of The Future
03. R-Tibra - The Heat (Ambientt Mix)
04. CJ Catalizer - Oda
05 Eclipse Area - Waiting For The Thunder
06. Zeus - Tranquility
07. Manmara - Meditation
08. El-Depo - Illusion
09 New Composers - Flying saucers
10 Den Kozlov - The Universe Is A Spiral

Kissthesound Records is proud to announce the third in the art and sound series of compilations "Other Worlds".
An all-stars compilation album of an exclusive works from Russian artists. Each track has a set of an exclusive out of this world 3D images from Russian artists. The concept of this compilation is : "A Groovy Ambient", which means a dance music with no beat, so the listener can enjoy the pure synthesizer works from In'R'Voice, CJ Catalizer, R-Tibra, Eclipse Area, Zeus, Manmara, EL-DEPO, New Composers and Den Kozlov.
Kissthesound "Other Worlds" Vol.2 is an unmissable release of rare and exclusive electronic music!