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Жанр: Индастриал

Релиз: 2014

01 Midnight Thoughts
02 Nostalgyphorus (Album Version)
03 Human Recycle (Album Version)
04 Deep Reach
05 Infinity
06 Roxy
07 Turning Me On
08 Reaniscience
09 Emotional Dimentions

In'R'Voice - Reanitrance is a brand new album from the pioneer of Electronic Music Den Kozlov. "Reanitrance" is a journey into the dark sides of the Cosmos, into the World of Abstract Thought, the place were ideas born. In'R'Voice's album is a true emotional roller-coaster and an amazing soundtrack to the imaginary sci-fi . In'R'Voice is a two decades running London based Russian project, known for being one of the most mysterious Electronic Music project among the ultra modern Electronic bands. It mixes Industrial, Psychedelic Trance and Techno into one blend of emotional space music.