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Tunguska (сборник)

Tunguska EMS for Creative Commons

Жанр: даунтемпо, чиллаут

Релиз: 2014

1 EXIT project - Paint it Blue or Say it`s Sad
2 Oleg Sirenko - Flying By Above
3 Aquascape - Vacuum Fields
4 Pianochocolate - Cold Days
5 Vsadnik - I Can Fly
6 ARGONIKA - Flight of the Spirit
7 Bigfoot - Tunguska M
8 CJ Catalizer - The Third Orbit
9 Olga Scotland - Iron Flowers From Sirius
10 MoVoX - Euphoria
11 Electro-Nick - The Dark Side Of The Third Planet

Let us present you an unusual music release. This is the first triplet album containing free music recorded in a newly developed 3plet format. The term "free" here means "available under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 license". All of the tracks from this album can be freely used for any purpose including sale with the exception of the cases that can contradict your country's laws. You can as well modify the pieces of the music it contains or create your own on their basis with the only condition of mentioning the names of the authors, which apply both to the musical and the textual side of the issues. This project owes its existence to the collaboration of the 12 musicians and musical groups making up the so-called Tunguska E.M.S. Community as well as the "Wikimedia RU" non-profit organization.